“Sean has interviewed me on a few occasions. I am very impressed with the level in insight and preparedness he brings to an interview. His passion for all things scientific is self evident and his innate modesty to ask you to explain something is a very likable feature of his personality. He understands the value of capturing the story while maintaining the flow of conversation and so is very conversant with using recording media which he can later replay to recreate the conversation. He has a very easy manner that puts the interviewee at their ease and there is never a sense of hurriedness from him to meet an impending deadline with the interview, although I am sure they exist. Science journalism is all the more enhanced for having people like Sean to write for the general public the real story behind scientific endavour without being sensational or overstating the case.”

-Tom Blake, Director Irish National Seismic Network, School of Cosmic Physics, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.


-Sara Knight, Outreach Officer with the Environmental Change Institute at NUI Galway

Sean led a 1-day Science Communication module for some of our research scientists here. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience in this area and was effective in getting the information across in a short period of time. He provided individual attention to each member of the class, and as such was able to better target individual weaknesses and maximize improvement.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert.


-John Colreavy, CREST Centre Director at DIT CREST

“Sean is a champion of dissemination within the field of science in Ireland. His creative approach, with his up-to-date awareness of dissemination tools results in a highly effective offer.” 

Top qualities. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


-Marie Boran, Technology Journalist with the Irish Independent

He (Seán Duke) is an outstanding figure in science communications here – as much as we talk about innovation, research and economic development through science and technology we don’t seem to do much talking about the breakthroughs themselves, but Duke does, and has been for many years now.”

From seismology to astronaut training, he has it covered.”


-Seamus Martin, Smurfit Professor of Molecular Genetics, Trinity College Dublin

“I have been interviewed by Sean several times for the print media as well as for his radio show ‘Science Spinning’. Sean is an excellent journalist and presenter, his questions are always well prepared and he clearly has the background knowledge that enables him to get the best out of a subject. Sean also has a good nose for a story and I have always found him to be very proactive in this regard, frequently being our first media contact after putting out a press release. Most importantly, Sean’s articles and programmes are excellent. He manages to be both accurate and informative while maintaining the interest of a wide audience. An excellent journalist and professional.” 


-John Joyce, Communications manager, Marine Institute, Ireland

Sean is an excellent journalist with a great command of language combined with a deep understanding of science and technology. We have benefited greatly from our partnerships with Science Spin in the past and hope to continue to do so into the future.”


-James McInerney, Senior Lecturer, NUI Maynooth

“Sean has interviewed me a couple of times for Science Spinning and for other newspaper articles in the past. He really knows his stuff and if he wasn’t working as an excellent science communicator, he would surely have been an excellent scientist. He has obviously a great gift for interviewing and getting the best out of the person being interviewed, but this is supplemented by his knowledge of, and enthusiasm for science.”


-Bettie Higgs, Senior Lecturer, University College Cork

Sean Duke provides an excellent service to the public, by sourcing and researching important scientific issues, and presenting them in a way that a lay audience can understand. He also provides a service to the scientists whose work might not otherwise reach the public domain.”  


-David Barton, Chief Scientist, National Centre for Medical Genetics, Crumlin.

Sean is an experienced and talented science journalist in both print and radio media.”


-John Gamble, Professor of Geology, University College Cork

Sean Duke’s weekly “Science Spin” section on D-C FM has set new and fresh standards for reporting contemporary science in Ireland and Internationally.”


-Frank Barry, Director, National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science

I am happy to recommend Sean. I have worked with him several times in the past on a number of different projects. It has always been a pleasure to work with him and on each occasion the project was completed successfully and with a high level of professionalism.”


Efficient and effective – a pleasure to work with.”

Professor Ciaran Regan, School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science, UCD


Stephen Sullivan, Director of the Irish Stem Cell Foundation

Specifically Sean has made significant efforts to further public understanding of stem cell research through Science Spin magazine, Dublin 103fm and his TV3 slot. I view him as having done creative and engaging work in his role of science communicator.” April 21, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative