The Misunderstood Crocodile

Source: Crocodile Information and Facts

Can you imagine having the crocodile pictured here as a house pet?

Or training a crocodile to sit, lie down, or politely wait to be fed?

It might sound crazy, but that’s exactly what John Dunbar, a mature student of Zoology at NUI Maynooth has done.

John, who is involved with the Reptile Village in Gowran Co Kilkenny, believes the feared crocodile has been totally misunderstood by humans.

Listen: Interview with John Dunbar, the Reptile Village co Kilkenny

Broadcast first on 103.2 Dublin City FM on 21/04/2011

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Super-Powerful Telescopes, the ‘Misunderstood Crocodile’

The European Extremely Large Telescope, shown here as an artist’s impression, due to be built in 2018, could answer some of the Universe’s unanswered questions (Credit: European Space Observatory)

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Super-Powerful Telescopes, the ‘Misunderstood Crocodile’

This episode was broadcast on Dublin City FM, 21/04/2011

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