UK Go it Alone on Fusion; DIY Smear Test; CAP Damaging Wildlife; 900AD Florida Village

The international ITER Fusion Reactor in France is under construction (Credit: ITER)

The ITER fusion reactor in France is under construction and due to start working in 2050, but the UK is planning to have its own fusion reactor operational by 2040.

A DIY smear test is showing promise in scientific tests and could be available in the UK in five years.

The Common Agricultural Policy has been linked with a decline in wildlife across the EU, and scientists are demanding that it be changed.

An ancient village, dating back to 900 AD – predating the arrival of Columbus by several hundred years – has been found by archaeologists in Florida.

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Robot Brains that Mimic Nature; Is Farming Destroying the Irish Countryside?

The Bumblebees are one of many insects that are crucial to the well-being of plants and the Irish countryside as they facilitate pollination. The bumblebee species pictured here is Bombus Muscorum (Credit, J. Breen & National Biodiversity Data Centre)

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The human brain is a remarkable organ. It learns from and adapts to the environment, can repair itself and is capable of non-linear, sophisticated decision making. Researchers at NUIG want to mimic these abilities in a robotic brain.

Intensive farming has reduced the number of  species in the Irish countryside in recent decades, including, worryingly, many insect species that facilitate plant pollination. The situation is better on organic farms, but is going organic the answer for Ireland?


(1) Dr Fearghal Morgan, Director of the Bio-Inspired Electronics and Reconfigurable Computing (BIRC) research group, at NUI Galway.

(2) Dr Jane Stout, School of Natural Sciences, TCD.

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