Can consciousness survive ‘death’? – what the science says

Scientific research into near death experiences suggests that consciousness can survive after ‘death’. (Credit: Philosophy Talk)

There is growing evidence that consciousness continues past the point at which medical science currently defines ‘death’ to have occured.

Listen below to a discussion of this subject broadcast on ‘Talk of the Town’ on Dundalk FM(4th December 2019)

Science making progress on diseases of ageing

Ageing is increasingly been seen by scientists as something that can be addressed as a biological problem, with signs that future generations will be able to live healthier  and for decades longer.

Scientists estimate that future generations can live to 100 years in good health (Credit: UCD)

Click below to hear discussion about how scientists are working to extend the human ‘healthspan’ with Marissa Devereux, stand in host of Talk of the Town on Dundalk FM (97.7) broadcast on 6th Nov. 2019.