10. Vitamin D research: Low levels found in Ireland in both animals and humans

Vitamin D has been found to have an important role in the immune function of both animals and humans. It is a concern that levels of Vitamin D have been found to be low in both animals and humans in Ireland. 

Two researchers from the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science will give us insights into their research about the vitamin, one from the animal, and the other from the human perspective. 

Dr Kieran Meade is an animal immunologist who will share the important research on cattle he has been doing with an aim to improve health and yields and reduce the use of antibiotics at the farm level. 

Dr Aifric O’Sullivan is a nutrition lecturer in UCD and is investigating why there are so many people in Ireland at risk of Vitamin D deficiency, whether there are some groups in society who are especially at risk, and what can we do about it?