A ‘pill’ for loneliness; Covid-19 is a wildfire not a wave; Blood test for Alzheimer’s; Frozen eggs as good as Fresh

Science Stories of the Week 3rd – 7th August

#CoolScientist slot on The Morning Show with Declan Meehan, broadcast 7th August 2020

Credit: @chantaldgarcia
  • Scientists are working whether a ‘pill’ can be developed to combat loneliness, which some regard as ‘more dangerous than obesity’.
  • It’s wrong to think of Covid-19 as a wave. Rather it is like a wildfire that is seeking out fuel, and the fuel it requires is human hosts.
  • A new blood test for Alzheimer’s which could be developed to diagnose people decades before they show symptoms has been developed by an international ream of scientists.
  • More women are having IVF, and more are freezing their eggs. It will be good news for these women to hear that scientists believe the quality of frozen and fresh eggs is the same.

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