Disobedient children more successful; animal organs for humans; the woman who feels no pain; the science of bullshitting

Disobedient children earn more than their peers, according to new research (Source: Getty Images)

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As parents we get annoyed when our children disobey us. But, new research suggests that disobedient children grow up to earn more, and have a better chance of being in a top job, than their more obedient peers.

The lack of donors for organs that can save people’s lives continues to be an issue, as does the problem of organ rejection when donor organs are available.

However, scientists believe that a solution to the lack of suitable organs for donation might be found through the use of animal organs, genetically engineered so that  recipients do not recognise them as being ‘foreign’ and attack them.

Jo Cameron, 65, feels no pain, and little anxiety. Doctors believe that studies of Jo’s genetic make-up could provide new therapies for both pain and anxiety.

Who are the biggest bullshitters? A new scientific study found some answers.