Antibiotics & childhood obesity; video games & violence; ‘friends first’ relationships; olfactory fingerprints

Olfactory Fingerprint
First we had the fingerprint, then the DNA fingerprint, and now science has developed an Olfactory fingerprint (Credit: Weizmann Institute for Science)

First we had the fingerprint, then came the DNA fingerprint. Now scientists have developed the olfactory fingerprint, which identifies the unique way a person perceives smell, as unique from all the other 7 billion inhabitants of the Earth.

A child can become predisposed to obesity due to changes in the balance of bacteria in their gut, following repeated courses of antibiotics, according to a study from New York University.

There is no evidence to suggest that violent video games trigger actual violence in the young, except among vulnerable youth that may already have an inclination towards violence, according to scientific research.

Love at first sight relationships, where physical attractiveness is crucial, are no more likely to succeed over the long term than relationships where physical attraction is not central, according to new research. .

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This item was first broadcast on East Coast FM on 2nd July 2015