Invisible soldiers on the way; Cyber war, how real is the threat?; bottle feeding obesity link

America's Future Warriro will go beyond camouflage to become truly invisible. Nanotechnology in the fibers of the soldier's uniform will allow it to perfectly mirror the environment. Like a chameleon, this high-tech commando will take on the appearance of whatever he is standing against. Concept Photo by  Edit International. Copyright 2003.
The US army is aiming to create nano materials that will enable soldiers to virtually disappear against any background  [Concept Photo by Edit International]
Cyber terrorists, or hostile powers have featured in Hollywood films as being able to knock out air traffic control systems, power grids and financial centres, but how real is the threat?

Hiding from the enemy has always been important to military everywhere, but the US is set to take it to a new level with the development of uniforms that enable soldiers to virtually disappear against any background.

Breastfeeding up to six months, the evidences shows, reduces the rest of later obesity by about one quarter. We discuss

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This was first broadcast on 7th May 2015