Science & the ‘benevolent sexist’; how a chameleon changes; why maths is not natural; near total eclipse

Are men that open doors for women displaying sexism? One scientific study indicates yes [Picture:]
It’s something that many men do without thinking; open a door for a women. It’s just common politeness, or is it?

A study by scientists at Northeastern University in Boston, led by Professor Judith Hall, indicates that men who open doors for women may be secret sexists, of a more damaging kind for women’s equality than the more obviously misogynistic male.

A male chameleon is usually green, and well camouflaged, but it can change colour in minutes in response to another male, or a receptive female. It does this, scientists believe, by altering the spaces between crystals in its skin cells, which produces different wavelengths of light.

A almost total solar eclipse will occur on the 20th March in Ireland at 9:35 am. For a few minutes, the Moon will almost completely block out the Sun from viewers here.

Our brains are not set up for mathematics. A lot of people would agree, but it is a surprise to hear a leading French mathematician, Cedric Villani, winner of the prestigious Fields Medal, which is akin to the Nobel Prize for mathematicians, also agree. We consider why.

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First broadcast on East Coast FM on 12th March, 2015.