Full body transplants in two years; true artificial intelligence draws closer; the ‘ad men’ get literally inside our heads

Advertisers now have the power to see how the brain reacts to commercial messages (Credit: http://www.sketptikai.com)

Imagine if advertisers could literally get inside our heads, and see how the brain reacts to various selling messages?

Well it’s  happening and it’s called neur0-marketing. The ad men now have access to our private thoughts, thanks to sophisticated brain scanning and thought-reading technologies.

Meanwhile, an Italian surgeon has stated that full body transplants will be available inside two years. This is thanks to advances in surgical techniques and drugs that suppress a bodily reaction to a new head.

It’s expected that such transplants will be outlined in the USA and the EU, but the surgeon believes that if it is possible, then people that have no other option to live, but to find a new body will make use of the technique.

The decade long drive towards true Artificial Intelligence, where software can learn like a child and develop its own strategies, appears getting nearer with the development of Google’s Agent software.

To listen to a discussion of the above on Declan Meehan The Morning Show.


This was broadcast first on East Coast FM on 26th February 2015.