Is my dog listening? Why are female bosses unhappy? A breath test for lung cancer, and why Guinness doesn’t spill easily

Scientists believe there is a simple way to determine whether your dog is listening to you. [Credit:
Ever wonder if your dog is listening to you? Scientists believe the answer lies in whether the dog looks to the left or right after you have finished speaking.

Women are increasingly making their way up the ladder in many professions, but evidence shows many women bosses are not happy. We ask why?

Lung cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, yet it is often diagnosed far too late for doctors to be able to effectively treat it. This is why a new breath test for lung cancer could prove a life saver for many people.

Guinness is less likely to spill than Heineken and coffee, due to its concentration of bubbles, and foam layer, scientists in the USA have found.

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