The privatisation of space exploration; lightning strikes herald more warming, cancer risk in Ireland from lack of sunlight

Lunar Mission One
Lunar Mission One which will land on the Moon in 2024 at a cost of 1 billion pounds will be funded by private donations, big and small (Credit: Lunar Missions Ltd)

The era of huge government spending on space appears to be over, and private funding models look set to fill the gap.

The number of lightning strikes is going to increase by one-third by the end of the century. This will increase the risk of dangerous wild fires.

More lightening also produces more nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere, which is a ‘greenhouse gas’ and thus, will further accelerate the heating process.

The lack of Vitamin D, most of which is obtained in sunlight, among people in northern Europe is a significant cancer risk, according to large-scale Danish research.

To hear the discussion on the above, tune in below to the interview broadcast on The Morning Show with Declan Meehan on East Coast FM on 20th November 2014.