What’s it all about is launched on RTE Radio 1

Sean Duke and Colette Kinsella
Colette Kinsella and myself are co-presenting RTE Radio 1’s new science show, What’s it all about?(Credit: RTE)

We were delighted with the positive response to our new science show, What’s it all about? which aired for the first time last night on RTE Radio 1.  Thank you to everyone that tuned in.

We will be updating our What’s it all about? webpage on the RTE website shortly, in response to requests by many listeners for additional information about our contributors or the topic at hand.

For those that didn’t catch it last night, here’s a link to the podcast of our first episode entitled ‘The Brain’.

Tune in next Sunday at 7pm when we’ll be voyaging out into space to join the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, and posing questions like: Why have we not found ET yet? Is it possible we HAVE already found ET? What would we say to ET if we met him?


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