Is Ireland’s ‘science push’ policy a failure?

Is the Irish taxpayer getting a bad deal from its massive investment since the late 1990s in increasing the links between universities and industry? (credit: TCD)

Since the late 1990s Ireland has invested billions of taxpayers’ euros in supporting science and technology.

The rationale for this has been to encourage more innovation in the economy here, and to move Ireland up the ‘value chain’ towards higher skilled, and better paid jobs.

However, evidence is mounting that the Irish taxpayer is not getting value for its enormous investment in science. The return in terms of jobs, and economic growth has been poor.

Dr Declan Jordan, an economist based at University College Cork, argues that Ireland’s ‘science push’ policy has failed.

Listen: Interview with UCC economist Declan Jordan

First broadcast on 103.2 Dublin City FM on 1.03.2012

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