Dublin City of Science 2012, preview; John Tyndall, a life

Listen:  Dublin City of Science 2012 Preview; Tyndall, a Life

Broadcast on 103.2 Dublin City FM on 29th September 2011

In July next year, Dublin will be at the epicentre of European science as host to the prestigious  City of Science 2012 event.

PICTURE: Below shows the spectacular Convention Centre on the Liffey where next summer’s event will take place [Credit: the architecturalist.com] 

On today’s show, I’m talking to David Fahy, Dublin City of Science Director about what people can expect from next year’s show.

John Tyndall, from rural Co Carlow is credited with being the first to discover the presence of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere, and to explain why the sky is blue, among other things.

Recently, a major international atmospheric science conference was held in Dublin in Tyndall’s honour, and we talk today to Norman McMillan, a scientist that has extensively researched Tyndall’s life.

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